“There are other assets, particularly designer James Spencer's cluttered apartment set and composer Chris Cash's interstitial music”latimes

“Chris Cash's musical compositions help segue the many scenes with a delicate solemnity, giving the event a cinematic feel.”

“Thanks to Chris Cash's original score, the ambience matches the script, at turns eerie and nostalgic. Every twinkling and delicate entrance of music feels as if someone is lifting the top of an old-fashioned music box, complete with twirling plastic ballerina.”

“I have worked with Chris Cash on dozens of projects where he tracks drums for me remotely. His vast knowledge of styles and the history of the drumset enables him to get exactly the right sound for each track. He takes special care to make sure each element of the recording is spot on, whether it's the choice of drum, microphone, mic placement, preamp, whatever. He makes sure it's right and sounds perfect. Not only does he know about drums, but he knows about recording techniques and will really pay attention to reference recordings and rough mixes. I can't recommend him highly enough. You won't be disappointed. “ Scott Anderson - NYC Producer