At the heart of Chris Cash Music is my recording studio, “The Cash Station”. It is a full production facility that is constantly expanding to include the best of modern and vintage sounds. I’ve produced, recorded, and mixed all my film, TV and stage scores here, performed and recorded drum sessions for various artists, and engineered full band recordings as well as commercials and voice overs. With a variety of instruments, plug-ins, pre-amps and mics at my disposal, I can get just the sound you’re looking for. You can check out my list of gear, or listen to sound examples under the Film Scores or Music Production pages on my site. Or, feel free to hop over to SoundCloud for a wider discography. The studio is available by the hour.

Studio Rates

$40 per hour with me engineering

$200 flat fee per song for mixing

For production duties I prefer not to do hourly rates. The rate will vary according to the size and scope of the project. Please contact me for details.