Yamaha Birch Absolute with Die Cast Hoops:
18”x20” Bass
8”x10” Tom
8”x12” Tom
14”x13” Tom

Yamaha Birch Absolute Nouveau with Wood Hoops (Vintage Kit):
18”x20” Bass
8”x10” Tom
8”x12” Tom
14”x14” Tom
16”x16” Tom

Yamaha Maple Absolute Nouveau with Die Cast Hoops
16”x18” Bass
7.5”x10” Tom
9”x12” Tom
14”x14” Tom

Yamaha Manu Katche Hip-Gig Jr. (Hip-Hop/Electronica Kit)
16”x16” Bass
7”x10” Tom
13”x13” Tom

Black Swamp Maple Shell Kit
14”x18” Bass
9”x12” Tom
14”x14” Tom

14”x28” Bass from the early 1940’s.

Wood Snares

Dunnett 7”x14” Mono-Ply Sycamore
Yamaha Vinnie Colaiuta Signature 4.5”x14” Maple
Yamaha JR Robinson Signature 6.5”x14” Birch with 20 copper nail in the rim
Yamaha Peter Erskine Signature 4”x12” Maple
Yamaha Peter Erskine Signature 4”x10” Maple
Yamaha Dave Weckl Signature 5.5”x14” Maple
Yamaha Dave Weckl Signature 5.5”x13” Maple
Yamaha Vintage Snare with Wood Hoops 6.5”x14” Maple
Yamaha Manu Katche Hip Gig 5”x12” Mahogany
Orange County Percussion 6”x14” 20 ply Maple
Black Swamp Persussion 5”x14” Maple
Ludwig Epic 7”x14” 20 ply Birch
Sonar Jungle 2”x10” with tambourine jingles

Metal Snares

Yamaha Paul Leim 5.5”x14” Chrome Over Brass
Dunnett 6.5”x14” Steel
Dunnett 5.5”x14” Titanium
Yamaha 6.5”x14” Copper Nouveau
Drum Craft Series 8 5”x14” Seamless Bronze


Yamaha 5”x14” fiberglass


I have a wide variety of Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Bosphorus, Meinl and Istanbul cymbals.

Crashes from 15”-21”
Rides from 19”-26”
Hats from 13”-18”
8”, 10”, and 12” Splashes
20” and 22” Chinas

Plus many special FX cymbals, sizzle rides, flat rides, you name it, I’ve probably got it.


I have a wide variety of world percussion, including Djembes, Congas, Bongos, Cajons, Darbukas, Doumbeks, and many shakers and special effects. What I don’t have in the real world, I have in the sample library.