You send me a stereo track in either .wav, or .aiff along with any charts you might have (.pdf or .jpg format), let me know the tempo, sample rate and bit rate you’d like (up to 24 bit, 96k) and I will record my drum parts. If there are any recordings you’d like me to reference for either style, or drum sounds, I will listen to them, and do my best to copy the sound. If you’d like me to use any specific pieces of gear from my list, or specific mic techniques, let me know, otherwise I’ll use my discretion. After I’m done recording my part, I will send you a rough mp3 of the song. If you like what you hear, I will upload the full audio files to Dropbox for you to grab, upon completion of payment for the recording. The files will be unmixed unless requested otherwise.


$150 Per song unmixed (plus PayPal fees). If you would like more than one song per session, I can work out a reduced group rate.

I will do 2 corrections/changes for free, after that it will be $20 per correction/change.

I only accept payment through PayPal.

There is no additional hourly studio fee for drumming sessions.